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Summer Convo Express '24

Embark on a language journey with our 20-class Conversational English Course! Tailored for B1 to C1 levels, this program is designed to elevate your speaking proficiency through engaging Zoom sessions held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm. From mastering everyday greetings and small talk to delving into lively discussions on travel, hobbies, and cultural exchange, each 45-minute class promises a vibrant mix of interactive activities, role-plays, and real-life scenarios. Sharpen your language skills in diverse topics like technology, health, and even indulge in book and movie discussions. Our dynamic approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary, fostering confidence and fluency in every learner.


Priced at an affordable R$250, this course offers tremendous value for those seeking a transformative language-learning adventure. Whether you're aiming to enhance your professional communication, connect with others globally, or simply boost your conversational finesse, our Conversational English Course at English Wayfinder is your ticket to language mastery. Don't miss out on this opportunity to not only learn English but to truly live it. Secure your spot now, and let the language exploration begin!



Class 1 (Jan 16): Introduction and Icebreakers

  • Get to know each other

  • Set expectations for the course

  • Icebreaker activities to ease into conversation

  • Briefly discuss topics of interest

Class 2: Everyday Conversations - Greetings and Small Talk

  • Review common greetings

  • Practice small talk scenarios

  • Introduce cultural aspects of greetings

Class 3: Hobbies and Interests

  • Discuss hobbies and interests

  • Learn vocabulary related to leisure activities

  • Engage in conversations about personal interests

Class 4: Travel and Vacation

  • Vocabulary related to travel

  • Role-play travel scenarios

  • Share travel experiences and preferences

Class 5: Expressing Opinions

  • Learn phrases for expressing opinions

  • Discuss current events or interesting topics

  • Encourage students to voice their thoughts

Class 6: Daily Routines and Activities

  • Vocabulary for daily routines

  • Share and discuss daily activities

  • Practice using time expressions in conversation

Class 7: Describing People and Places

  • Adjectives for describing people and locations

  • Engage in conversations describing family, friends, and places

Class 8: Food and Dining

  • Food-related vocabulary

  • Discuss favorite dishes and culinary experiences

  • Role-play ordering food at a restaurant

Class 9: Weather and Seasons

  • Vocabulary related to weather and seasons

  • Share experiences and preferences regarding different seasons

Class 10: Work and Careers

  • Workplace-related vocabulary

  • Discuss professions and career goals

  • Practice job interview scenarios

Class 11: Technology and Social Media

  • Tech-related vocabulary

  • Share experiences with technology

  • Discuss the impact of social media on communication

Class 12: Health and Wellness

  • Health-related vocabulary

  • Discuss healthy habits and lifestyles

  • Role-play conversations about well-being

Class 13: Cultural Exchange

  • Explore cultural differences and similarities

  • Share traditions and customs

  • Engage in cross-cultural conversations

Class 14: Book and Movie Discussions

  • Discuss favorite books and movies

  • Share recommendations

  • Practice expressing opinions on literature and film

Class 15: Debates and Discussions

  • Engage in debates on various topics

  • Encourage critical thinking and expressing opinions

  • Enhance argumentation skills

Class 16: Language Games and Fun Activities

  • Incorporate language games for reinforcement

  • Make learning enjoyable with interactive activities

Class 17: Role-Playing Scenarios

  • Practice real-life scenarios through role-playing

  • Focus on effective communication in different situations

Class 18: Review and Q&A Session

  • Review key topics covered in the course

  • Address any lingering questions or concerns

Class 19: Student Presentations

  • Allow students to prepare short presentations

  • Encourage them to use learned conversational skills

Class 20: Final Reflection and Celebration

  • Reflect on the progress made

  • Celebrate achievements and improvements

  • Discuss future language-learning goals

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