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Guidelines for a Successful Zoom Class


Welcome to English Wayfinder! To ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience, we've put together some guidelines for our Zoom classes. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules to make the most out of your learning journey:


Check your Google Calendar 

Be proactive in checking your Google Calendar to ensure you get the Zoom meeting link. This minimizes the risk of late entries and technical issues, allowing our sessions to start smoothly and on time. Additionally, please confirm your RSVP on the calendar to ensure your participation. In case you are unable to find the link on your Google Calendar, feel free to ask for it on WhatsApp.


Be on time to make the most of the class

Punctuality is a sign of respect for everyone's time. Starting and ending classes on time ensures that the allocated time is used efficiently, maximizing the learning experience for all.


Prefer to attend the class on a PC or tablet for optimal viewing

To fully benefit from shared texts and annotations, we recommend attending the class on a PC or tablet. This ensures a better viewing experience and allows you to fully engage with the materials presented on screen.


Use a headset or earphones for better audio quality

Clear communication is key. Using a headset reduces background noise, ensuring that everyone can hear and understand each other, creating a more engaging and productive class. Internal microphones on a PC or smartphone may capture too much environmental noise, affecting the overall audio quality. Therefore, using a headset provides a focused and clear audio experience for all of us.


Check your audio settings on Zoom for correct sources

Before the class starts, ensure your Zoom audio settings are correctly configured. Check that your microphone and earphones are selected as the correct audio sources. This ensures optimal audio quality throughout the session.


Turn on your camera to enhance engagement

Visual cues and face-to-face interaction foster connection. Keeping your camera on promotes engagement, making our online classes feel like an in-person experience and facilitating better communication.


Be in a quiet environment to minimize distractions

Create a conducive learning atmosphere by choosing a quiet space. Minimizing disruptions allows everyone to focus on the lesson without unnecessary distractions.


Familiarize yourself with Zoom's annotation tools for interactive content

To actively engage with interactive content during the class, familiarize yourself with Zoom's annotation tools. These tools allow you to interact with shared materials, enhancing the overall learning experience.


Inform in advance if you encounter technical issues

Technical issues happen, but proactive communication helps minimize disruptions. If you encounter any problems, inform us in advance so we can address them promptly, ensuring a smoother class experience.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines, and we look forward to creating a positive and effective online learning environment together!

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