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Intermediate B1-B2 | Module 1

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Module 1: March 2024 - Building Foundations In Module 1: "Building Foundations," we embark on a linguistic journey aimed at laying the groundwork for a robust understanding of English. This month, we dive into the intricacies of grammar, reviewing the present simple and progressive while introducing the versatile "Used to + Infinitive" construction and basic past tenses. Our vocabulary exploration spans the realms of education, appearances, and clothing, equipping learners with essential lexicon for everyday scenarios. Moreover, we focus on practical language functions, honing the skills to vividly describe locations, people, and things, as well as articulate personal preferences and opinions. As we navigate this linguistic landscape together, the goal is to build a solid foundation that sets the stage for a transformative journey towards English proficiency. Get ready to embrace the first steps on this enriching path of language acquisition! During Module 1 of the course, classes will be conducted live via Zoom twice a week, providing an interactive opportunity for students to engage directly with the content and clarify doubts in real-time. To ensure flexibility, recordings of these classes will be available on the website, allowing students to review the material at their convenience. In addition to the classes, other enriching activities will be added to the course schedule, providing additional opportunities for practice and learning. At the end of each class, you will receive the corresponding PDF, consolidating the covered content and serving as a valuable resource for review. We are excited to embark on this joint learning journey and provide a comprehensive and accessible experience for participants.






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