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Intermediate B1-B2 | Mar-Dec 2024

Welcome to our Intermediate English Course at English Wayfinder! Embark on a linguistic journey with us as we delve into the intricacies of the English language. Designed for those ready to elevate their language skills, our classes, held every Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm, promise an engaging and dynamic learning experience. Starting from March 1 and concluding on December 20, this comprehensive course combines interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and a supportive community, ensuring your language proficiency reaches new heights. Join us and let's navigate the path to English fluency together!

Your Intermediate English Course at English Wayfinder covers a comprehensive range of grammar topics to enhance your language proficiency. From mastering "Used to + infinitive" for expressing habits to exploring the nuances of modal verbs, reported speech, and relative clauses, our carefully curated curriculum ensures a well-rounded understanding of English grammar. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of past tenses, navigating the world of adverbs, or unraveling the complexities of passive constructions, each class will bring you closer to linguistic mastery. With a focus on both present and past habits, coupled with an exploration of future tense structures, phrasal verbs, and conditional sentences, this course provides a holistic approach to English language learning. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards linguistic excellence!

In our Intermediate English Course at English Wayfinder, we've carefully curated a diverse vocabulary curriculum to enrich your language skills. From essential topics like education, appearances, and clothing to more nuanced areas such as political systems, consumer services, and euphemisms, each module is designed to broaden your lexical repertoire. Dive into the world of collocations, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms, exploring the subtleties of language use in different contexts. Whether you're interested in discussing relationships, festivals, or navigating through colloquial expressions and slang, this course aims to equip you with a varied and practical vocabulary toolkit. Get ready to elevate your language proficiency across a spectrum of real-life scenarios!

Our Intermediate English Course at English Wayfinder is not just about grammar and vocabulary; it also focuses on developing practical language functions to enhance your communication skills. From describing locations, people, and things to expressing opinions, preferences, and obligations, each class is tailored to cover a wide array of language functions. Whether you're mastering the art of giving opinions, summarizing information, or expressing regret, our course ensures you acquire the skills needed for effective communication. Dive into the intricacies of making offers, stating purpose, and clarifying information, and gain the confidence to navigate various social and professional situations. Get ready to not only understand the language but also use it with finesse!

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Module 1: March - Building Foundations

  • Grammar: Introduction to "Used to + Infinitive" and basic past tenses.

  • Vocabulary: Education, Appearances, Clothes.

  • Functions: Describing location, people, and things; Stating preferences and opinions.

Module 2: April - Navigating Past and Present

  • Grammar: Past Simple and Present Perfect; Habit in the Present and the Past.

  • Vocabulary: Character, Make and do, Housework.

  • Functions: Talking about obligation; Expressing regret.

Module 3: May - Connecting Ideas

  • Grammar: Modal verbs; Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous.

  • Vocabulary: Holidays and travel brochures, Illness, Cooking.

  • Functions: Reporting requests and orders; Giving opinions.

Module 4: June - Exploring Possibilities

  • Grammar: Neither / so do I; Past Simple and Past Continuous and Past Perfect.

  • Vocabulary: Weather, Furniture and appliances, Types of books, films, and TV programs.

  • Functions: Advising; Guessing.

Module 5: July - Mastering Language Structures

  • Grammar: First, second conditional; Question tags.

  • Vocabulary: Crime and punishment, Political systems, Family relationships.

  • Functions: Making deductions; Talking about possibility / probability and certainty.

Module 6: August - Expressing Variety

  • Grammar: Adverbs of manner and modifiers; Relative clauses.

  • Vocabulary: Pets and animals, Consumer services, Hotel facilities.

  • Functions: Refusing; Describing faulty goods.

Module 7: September - Enriching Language Use

  • Grammar: Adjectives and their connotations; Present Perfect Continuous.

  • Vocabulary: Affixes, Participles, Collocations.

  • Functions: Giving opinions; Summarising.

Module 8: October - Understanding Contexts

  • Grammar: Look + adjective, look like + noun; Be able to/ can/ manage to.

  • Vocabulary: Work, working conditions, Approximations with -ish.

  • Functions: Expressing regret; Drawing conclusions.

Module 9: November - Mastering Complex Structures

  • Grammar: Passives; Past Perfect Simple.

  • Vocabulary: Transport and exploration, Phrasal verbs, Crime and punishment.

  • Functions: Making offers; Describing cause and effect.

Module 10: December - Polishing Proficiency

  • Grammar: Have and have got; Be allowed to and be supposed to.

  • Vocabulary: Relationships, Festivals and celebrations, Connotation.

  • Functions: Stating purpose; Emphasising; Stating contrast; Adding information.

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