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Intermediate B1-B2 | Module 3

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In Module 3, we will focus on connecting ideas through grammar, vocabulary, and functions. Grammar: Modal verbs: Learn how to express possibility, necessity, and ability using modal verbs such as "can," "could," "may," "might," "must," and "should." Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous: Understand the differences between these two verb forms and how they are used to describe actions or situations that started in the past and have relevance to the present. Vocabulary: Holidays and travel brochures: Explore vocabulary related to holidays, vacations, and travel destinations. Learn how to describe different types of holidays and use travel brochures to plan trips. Illness: Expand your vocabulary to discuss various illnesses, symptoms, and treatments. Practice expressing concerns and giving advice related to health issues. Cooking: Learn cooking-related vocabulary to discuss ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, and food preparation. Practice describing your favorite dishes and sharing cooking tips. Functions: Reporting requests and orders: Learn how to report requests, commands, and instructions using appropriate reporting verbs and structures. Practice converting direct speech into reported speech while maintaining the intended meaning. Giving opinions: Develop the ability to express opinions, preferences, and beliefs on various topics. Practice using opinion expressions and providing reasons or explanations to support your viewpoints. By the end of Module 3, you will be able to connect ideas more effectively in English, using a range of grammar structures, vocabulary words, and functional language. Get ready to enhance your communication skills and express yourself with confidence!

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