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Intermediate B1-B2 | Module 2

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Module 2, titled "Navigating Past and Present," offers students an in-depth exploration of past and present tense structures, vocabulary related to character, household tasks, and language functions for discussing obligation and regret. The module begins with a thorough review of the Past Simple tense, covering both regular and irregular verbs. Students then transition to learning about the Present Perfect tense and its relevance to actions in the present. The lessons also delve into the language of habits, examining both present and past habits using Present Simple, Present Perfect, and Past Simple tenses. In addition to grammar, students expand their vocabulary with words related to character traits, household tasks, and activities involving "make" and "do." The module concludes with a focus on language functions, teaching students how to discuss obligations using modal verbs and express regret. Through engaging exercises, discussions, and practical applications, students develop a comprehensive understanding of past and present language structures, vocabulary, and functional expressions.

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